Metal Cable gland Metric thread

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Cable Gland

Specification of Metal Cable gland Metric thread

Cable Gland Hawke 501-453 Universal

We are a company engaged in the sale of electrical products, where we focus to sell cable gland, cable gland yang we sell is a very good product in terms of quality, because for cable gland itself is bnyak bereda various kinds and types in the mix there, but we still focus to sell cable gland with the best quality, besides selling cable gland we also offer other product that is cable lug, grounding rod, conduit with low price, connector lug and others

Cable Gland brass is Gland wire and cable, which is also a cable suitable for connecting the cable and also protect the cable, so as not to miss. The cable glands are placed in different categories depending on whether the glands are used in the general processing industry or need to be protected against excessive temperature or explosion risks. Into the protective gland cable or armor-free layer and different gland types will be required for variation. The glands themselves, can be made of metal, such as copper or aluminum, or plastic, this material is useful in different environments.

Specifications Cable Gland Hawke 501-453 Universal :

Thread specifications:

Metric thread.

Product material:

A C F parts are made of excellent environmental protection brass nickel-plated, D part of the gray nylon, B E part adopts the nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR)

Product certification:

European CE certificate, European environmental ROHS, REACH certificate, The United States UL certification, and explosion-proof certification of the EX.

Fire rating:

Within the scope of the provisions of card buckle, and use of type O sealing screw tight tight head, reach IP68.

Protection Level:

Part D UL94V - 2, low smoke zero halogen.

Color type:

A, C, F is metal color. D to gray, B, Eto black.

Working temperature:

Static: - 40 ℃ ~ + 100 ℃ short time can be up to + 120 ℃. Dynamic: - 20 ℃ - 80 ℃, short time of up to 100 ℃.

Product features

Special clamping claw, and the design of the clamping ring is concave and convex clasped with forced tight head assembly time-savers, cable clamping range is big, strong tensile resistance, can waterproof, dustproof, salt resistance, resistance to acid and alkali, alcohol , grease and common solvent.

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Established since 2005 PT. Dharaya (dry) is engaged in the business of electric cable accessories for average or high voltage electricity needs with industrial market compartments, factories, developers, transformer producers. In 2006 PT. Dharaya has a new division that is active in the automation of the instrumentation industry and machine control for the purpose of market share in general industry, factories, developers of these two divisions we maximize the market for all Indonesians. PT. Dharaya cooperates with several large overseas factories as sole agents in Indonesia to market their products such as Hex from India, Holoton Enterprise from Japan and Enterprise Gold Spring from Taiwan. PT. Dharaya is also a zigma brand owner for industrial machinery, we have a large workshop for machine manufacturing that has locations in Taiwan. We can fulfill as you wish, order from machine requirements. We have marketing and advisory experts that can help you fulfill your desires and provide the best service at any time. For now our regular customers are many from industry, developers and producer communities in Indonesia, we provide our products to meet their needs and move their business forward. We try to provide the best for your business, PT. Dharaya is a partner in your business. And one of our superior products is: 1. Sell Cheap Lug Connector 2. Sell Grounding Rod 3. Sell Valve Ari Armaturen 4. Sell Cable Lug 5. Selling Cheap Conduit 6. Selling Cable Gland

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Selling Cheap Cable Gland
Cable Gland is a component that is used to connect the cable so that the cable can function properly conduct electricity and maintain safety in the industrial environment. We Sell Cheap Cable Gland with relatively cheap prices to meet your Cable Gland needs. This type of cable gland is made of various substances including plastic, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials.

Selling Quality Cable Gland
We are PT. Dharaya sells various types of cabel gland with high quality to provide long-lasting resistance to cable glands and also the cable that is connected. Even this Cable Gland has several types and sizes. Judging from the placement of Cable Gland, there are those that are used for Indoor and outdoor purposes because they have special types.

Selling Complete Cable Gland
We have various types of Cable Glands, including the following:
Cw Cable Gland Size 90 S, Cw Cable Gland Size 90 L, A1 / A2 Cable Gland 20 L, Earth Tag For Cable Gland Size M 16, Cw Cable Gland Size 40 L, Cw Cable Gland Size 20S, A1 / A2 Cable Gland 32 S, A1 / A2 Cw Industrial Hex Gland Hawke Cable, Shroud Pvc Cable Gland, Cw Cable Gland Size 25 L, Cw Cable Gland Size 16 L, Earthing Cable Gland Tag, Hawke 501-453 Rac Gland Cable, Locknut Cable Gland, Cable Gland Pg 63 Strain Relief, M40 Nickle Plated Cable Gland, Idr 011, Cw Cable Gland, Idr 1,000, Brass Cable Gland M40, Idr 011, Brass Cable Gland A2, Idr 010, A1 / A2 Cable Gland 90 S, A1 / A2 Cable Gland 75 S, Cable Gland Size 63 S, Cable Gland Hawke 153 Rac, Cable Gland Hawke 501-453 Universal and many others. So if you are looking for a company that sells Cable Gland, please contact us.