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PT Dharaya (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Established since 2005 PT. Dharaya (dry) is engaged in the business of electric cable accessories for average or high voltage electricity needs with industrial market compartments, factories, developers, transformer producers. In 2006 PT. Dharaya has a new division that is active in the automation of the instrumentation industry and machine control for the purpose of market share in general industry, factories, developers of these two divisions we maximize the market for all Indonesians. PT. Dharaya cooperates with several large overseas factories as sole agents in Indonesia to market their products such as Hex from India, Holoton Enterprise from Japan and Enterprise Gold Spring from Taiwan.

PT. Dharaya is also a zigma brand owner for industrial machinery, we have a large workshop for machine manufacturing that has locations in Taiwan. We can fulfill as you wish, order from machine requirements. We have marketing and advisory experts that can help you fulfill your desires and provide the best service at any time. For now our regular customers are many from industry, developers and producer communities in Indonesia, we provide our products to meet their needs and move their business forward. We try to provide the best for your business, PT. Dharaya is a partner in your business. And one of our superior products is:

1. Sell Cheap Lug Connector
2. Sell Grounding Rod
3. Sell Valve Ari Armaturen
4. Sell Cable Lug
5. Selling Cheap Conduit
6. Selling Cable Gland


Produk kami untuk memenuhi kebutuhan Anda untuk terus bergerak maju. Kami mencoba memberikan yang terbaik untuk usaha anda, PT. Dharaya adalah mitra dalam usaha anda. Dan salah satu produk unggulan yang kami jual yaitu :

1. Jual Connector Lug Murah
2. Jual Grounding Rod
3. Jual Valve Ari Armaturen
4. Jual Cable Lug
5. Jual Conduit Murah
6. Jual Cable Gland


Jl. Rawasari Barat E277 ,Cempaka Putih Timur, Cempaka Putih, jakarta 10510 Jakarta Pusat 10510
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia


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