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Lighting Protection Hex
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Specification of Lighting Protection Hex

Grounding rods are electrical accessories made of solid metal (usually brass / copper) used in grounding systems and lightning protection lightning protection. Grounding rod that has been connected with the conductor wire grown in the ground, so that the flow of electricity can be dumped to the ground to avoid electrical short circuit.

The grounding conductor, ideally a minimum 0.4 mm thick copper plate with a minimum surface of 3.75 cm (copper strap grounding conductor), or a copper ground wire. The grounding rod copper clad ground electrodes rod is a solid 5-15 "diameter ferrite rod along a minimum of 2.4 meters of copper plated with an ideal thickness of at least 0.4 mm of copper.

Other components such as clamps, u-clamps, etc. that serve as mechanical binders of connections to earth systems.Material to improve soil doping resistivity.

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