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Cable Gland is a device designed to install and secure the end of the power cable to the equipment. PT. Dharaya Sells hazardous and industrial Cable Gland (also known as cable fittings) for the smooth interconnection of cables and equipment. It covers the entire spectrum of cables, with applications from general industrial types to safety, flood, flameproof and explosion proof cable cables. Cable Gland is defined as a 'mechanical cable entry device' used in conjunction with cables and cables for electrical systems, instrumentation & control, and automation, including lighting, power, data, and telecommunications. The main function of Cable Gland is to act as a sealing and stopping tool to ensure the protection of electrical equipment and enclosures.

Cable Gland is a very important device when terminating cables in hazardous or hard environments, where protection of entry, sealing and grounding is needed to safely pass cables, wires or tubes through the enclosure. In addition, the Cable Gland acts as a seal, preventing external contaminants from causing damage to cables and electrical systems, such as dust, dirt, and liquids. Finally, the Cable Gland prevents the cable from turning and pulled out of the engine, because it helps to provide a secure connection between the cable and the installed machine.

PT. Dharaya Sell Cable Gland designed for use with armored or non-armored cables. When used with armored cables, Cable Gland provides ground to earth for cable design. Our Cable Glands are designed to provide optimal system integrity when used in conjunction with our cables and form an integral part of our cable solutions. Depending on the application, we offer Brass Cable Gland as well as stainless steel, aluminum, nylon, nickel, plastic and other materials. Our Cable Glands are generally supplied with other Cable Gland accessories including locknuts, O-rings, sealing washers, earthing washers, earth tags, shrouds, clamp modules, adapters, reducers, and blanking plugs. It is available in metric and PG threads, as well as for armored and non-armored cable applications.

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